EPOS Cloud Point of Sale

Powerful, mobile and easy to use point of sale. Designed to keep stores running smoothly and managers up to date.

Best sales experience
  • Sell from any device with a browser and an internet connection.
  • No barcode, No problem; Just start typing the product name.
  • Search by both product brand or generic name.
  • Scan a barcode at any time (even when you are searching)
Designed for your market
  • No need to be at the store 24/7. You can manage everything from your phone.
  • An hour by hour breakdown report of your sales is sent to your phone at the end of every shift.
  • SMS message with total of check due every morning.
  • Accurate calculation of profits even with every batch coming in with a different price.

Why you should invest in EPOS?

“Because replacing the time and energy spent on traditional management methods with technology and investing the saved energy in building your business is an opportunity business men and women can not afford to miss.”

Increase sales by
  • Showing professionalism to your valued customers
  • Having complete record of all your sales and purchases
  • Having the information required to evaluate your staff
Minimize loses by
  • Ending the constant prices changing problems
  • Knowing when an item is running low before its out
  • Knowing when an item is about to expire

With a 30 day money back guarantee you have absolutely nothing to worry about