Helping libraries move into the future

Hikma is a modern, full featured Integrated Library System. It is our answer to the problems facing librarians today. It's name comes from the arabic word for wisdom

You have the staff, you have the books. Whats holding your library back?

Spanning local and global
We developed hikma due to what we saw as a gap between local libraries and the global librarian community, both in terms of technological progress and the ability to communicate. We set out to create an ILS(integrated library system) that both fit local needs and is up to date with what is going on globally.
Built for librarians
When trying to figure out what someone needs, it is better to ask them directly. Our design for Hikma has mirrored closely the consultation we’ve gotten from consulting local expert in library science, the NDMS Office at the library of congress & other international experts in the field, to make sure it is what librarians want and need.
Compliance and Communication
Libraries hold lots of data, both in their materials and also about their materials. To keep this data updated and standardized, quite a few formats and standards were created, so that information records can be exchanged and libraries can communicate with each other on a global scale. Hikma was designed to be able to work with these standards,mainly the marc format, while supporting migrating data from older formats.
Local libraries have not been asleep – they’ve tried to stay up to date by adopting open source ILS and configuring them for their own usage. Unfortunately, they face technical issues and without proper support they’ve often been unable to make the best out of these systems. As a system developed entirely by us, support for Hikma will be constant and comprehensive.