Community Service

As part of a greater community, we believe in relationship that involves giving as well as taking. So we love to give back when we have the chance.

All about participation and collaboration


OpenNGO is an open source web application written in Ruby on Rails by Eptikar IT Solutions. It’s a free tool for NGO’s to help them with their day to day activities.

OpenNGO helps NGO's manage their projects and members and share their progress and accomplishments with their stakeholders and the communities they serve.OpenNGO helps NGO's recruit volunteer or raise funding.

We have worked with the Sudanese Environmental Conservation Society and we used to their feedback to guide us on the next stage.

There are a number of features that we need to apply next. We want NGO to make use of the great productivity tool Trello. So it is partially applied with connecting boards with projects.Better communication with members is crucial to NGO's, so we were planning to add announcements for members.

If you're wondering of how could you contribute to OpenNGO, we are happy to hear from you! You can contribute to the actual devlopment of OpenNGO. Go ahead and visit our Github repo and make a pull request and help develop the next feature. You could also as an organization sponsor OpenNGO which is an essential part of ensuring it is sustainability. Or may be as NGO you want to be early adopter of OpenNGO and would like to give us valuable feedback, help in traning users or simply suggest an idea on our OpenNGO Trello board. We welcome and value your help.technologies.

We will help, if we can
So you have this idea, project or event you’re working on. But you run into a brick wall; something technology related. This is where we might be able to help. We can provide free consulting, help design solutions or provide media services. Let's Do it