From 2010, today and Going Forward

We began our journey as a software startup, leveraging open source technologies to help NGOs, Enterprises, and SMEs in Sudan and the UAE by designing and creating end-to-end software solutions.

With no supporting ecosystem in the country, we had to bootstrap funding for the development of our innovative ideas through the services we provide. Project after project, year after year, Eptikar has grown into a company that provides a wide range of premium ICT solutions and invests in new digital ventures in FinTech, IoT, E-Commerce, EdTech, and Travel & Tourism.

As we grew, we maintained our unique culture from our days as a startup: staying lean, working with and for smart and nice people, and prioritizing quality as our number one value.

So, What Do We Do?

With a unique and highly skilled team in business development, design, software engineering, IoT and DevOps, Our clients approach us with their most challenging digitalization projects. They sometimes come only with a nagging problem while in other times they come with a detailed software specification; either way we make sure to give them a solid solution and all the support they need.

How We Do It?

By Focusing on innovation, quality and customers needs. There is always an extra step to be taken, and we're here to take it.

How It Paid Off


Hamdan Bin Rashid Award

UAE - 2020 | ReadersTent


Nominated as an Impact SME

UNDP-Sudan - 2020


Best Reading Project

UAE - 2016 | ReadersTent


2nd Best General Service App

Sudan - 2017 | Tasadag Sah


Best Educational Website Project

Sudan - 2014 | Kuttab

And more importantly, a growing list of happy customers:

International Medical Corps Petro Energy
European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan UNDP Sudan Tarco Aviation

Customer Testimonials

Working with Eptikar team in developing ECCS website was a satisfactory experience. I appreciate how responsive they were and their level of efficacy and effectiveness. I love how easy it is to update the website and navigate it.

Thuraya Salih

Thuraya Salih

Marketing and Communication Consultant

The European Chamber of Commerce in Sudan

Eptikar is one of the leading Entrepreneurial IT solutions companies in Sudan. They have designed digital goods for UNDP Sudan with professionalism and excellence, the solution is elegantly designed and engaging for the end users.

Ali Muntasir

Ali Muntasir

Accelerator Lab Head of Experimentation

UNDP Sudan

Professional, user-centered, and innovative, this is how I describe Eptikar through my experience with them when they were volunteering developing TasadaqSah (A donation platform) as a social responsibility project. They were fine-tuning every detail, supporting by all of their network, and most importantly they helped co-design and ideate with their sharp business sense.

Mustafa Fayiz

Mustafa Fayiz

TasadagSah Partner

In Airline business, we are always looking for service providers who offer robust services, quick response, 24/7 support to keep the flights running all the time. Eptikar and through working with them for years in email and cloud hosting they offer all of those features through their state of art solutions, expertise and supportive team.

Bassam Salameh

Bassam Salameh

Commercial Director

Tarco Aviation

Developing ReadersTent platform to encourage students reading with Eptikar team was an enjoyable experience despite the challenges we faced, we are proud the platform is serving thousands of students and has been awarded multiple best app prizes in the United Arab Emirates.

Khalid Goutbi

Khalid Goutbi

Education resources specialist and CoFounder