Custom Software

We develop and distribute custom software solutions.

We help multi-million dollars enterprises, NGOs and growing SMEs tackle unique challenges by crafting tailored ICT solutions.

Mobile App Development

Whatever your app idea is, we can make it a reality. Our experienced team create iOS or Android mobile apps that put the user first to deliver a unique user experience.


Hamdan Bin Rashid Award

UAE - 2020 | ReadersTent


Best Reading Project

UAE - 2016 | ReadersTent


2nd Best General Service App

Sudan - 2017 | Tasadag Sah


Cloud Services

We operate managed cloud servers in one of the best data centers in the world and a highly skilled team of DevOps engineers we provide premium cloud services that has been trusted by our clients for high-volumes and business-critical operations.

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IoT - Internet Of Things

We leveraged our long experience in building custom software solutions to partner with the best IoT hardware providers worldwide to deliver innovative solutions for our clients in Oil & Gas, logistics, agriculture, telecommunication, mining and other industries.

We offer end-to-end solutions starting from requirements analysis and solution design up to IoT hardware/software integration and cloud hosting.

Assets and Fleet Management

Assets and fleet management are vital to every business, however they are very tough to do right. We partnered with MiXTelematics to bring cutting-edge solutions that are used in over 120 countries worldwide. With a unique fleet management solution that is built with driver behavior monitoring at it's core, MiX fleet management benefits include: Lowering accidents rates, maintaining high safety standards, lowering maintenance costs, reducing fuel costs and many other benefits.

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Agriculture is the backbone of the Sudanese economy generating 1/3 of the GDP and having a labor share of more than 50 percent. ( Ref: WB Sudan Agriculture Value Chain Analysis Report ) rd We provide unique AgriTech solutions to boost the ongoing shift on how farming and livestock projects are managed and monitored in Sudan.