Your favorite tool to run your growing SME

Bearing in mind that NOT all companies are created equally and that SMEs management IS special, our ultimate goal while building MEQEEN is to create a simple, powerful and fun tool that helps you get things done.


Maintain your books automatically and have flexible tools and reports required auditing and taxation.


Manage your warehouses, Move stock between them, Track batches and expiration dates and more.

Customers Relationship Management

Quotes, Invoices, Customers and Suppliers are all connected in one place.

Tasks Management

No more fragmented communication; keep all the team on the same page with a simple tasks and projects tracker.



Managing your retail business made easy

Because replacing the time and energy spent on traditional management methods with technology and investing the saved energy in building your business is an opportunity business owners can not afford to miss, we created EPOS to help you automate all the processes needed to grow your business.